Saturday, April 3, 2010

How do you step from a 100ft pole?

"There is a fine line between life and death... truth and deceit... dreams and reality. Magic blurs that line. This is Vertigo." - David Blaine: Vertigo Opening

How do you step from a 100ft pole? Well, in David Blaine’s case you don’t step – you leap. David Blaine, Americas very own Brooklyn born illusionist, treading over the well-anchored steps of Houdini, leapt.

Teetering on the edge of a tree trunk 100ft above the forest floor, the owl butterfly was significantly pleased that there would be no stepping involved, only flying.

On May 22nd, 2002, David Blaine performed ‘Vertigo’. He was lifted by crane to rest on the top of a 100ft (or 30m) high, 22inch (or 56cm) wide pillar in the middle of Bryant Park in New York City. Blaine remained standing in this small area for a total of thirty four hours and twenty three minutes with nothing but two small retractable handles to hold on to in the case of bad weather. Thus thirty five hours later with his legs weak from standing, he proceeded to lean forward and subsequently leap from the top of the pillar to land on a 12ft (or 3.7m) platform constructed of cardboard boxes. Leap.

David Blaine suffered a mild concussion.

Perhaps a better way to step from any one area into another would be to consider where it is you want to go, what you intend to achieve and then, proceed having thought of the safest way to get there.

B*O*R*I*N*G! Why not leap? I have leapt on many occasions – and often am left with a bump on my head – but all have been worth the adventure of the unknown. Cheers to mild concussions.


  1. I remember watching this on Oprah I think. The boring side of me would agree with you that there are better ways to step from the pole, I do tend to agree that life's situations require a little more adventure and a little more fun when tackling them - or we'd be stuck in a very boring life. I would have loved to hear more of your opinion and experiences though - your last paragraph was a tad bit short - but nontheless a good read!!

  2. Very interesting, I didn't know that about David Blaine! I tend to agree with Wan that it'd be nice to hear more of your own opinion too. Well written!

  3. I also watched that episode of Oprah where the stunt was featured! It was pretty awesome. Indeed we do tend to do the 'safe thing' all the time and try and avoid damage physically and emotionally to ourselves when we do so... but where's the growth and fun in that?

  4. Dude. Everytime I comment on your blog I near have to submit blood and urine samples for evaluation before it lets me comment. Can't you tone down the security settings or something? :-/

    Its like getting a weekly eye test...

  5. Ouch! Will look into it. I've done what I can on surface level security...maybe I am overlooking something. Will try reduce the irritation factor for commentary :)

  6. Ke! Your blogspots are hilaroius! SO you :)!!!
    A good read!

    Lots of love!