Sunday, September 12, 2010

How hard is it to follow instructions?

Uh, there seems to be a mistake here. Where are you from? You’re a local? OK, well, in which language are you fluent? ENGLISH?!

I’m sorry, I must be confused. Can you not read properly? You can? Oh, well then, is it possible that you are simply unable to read the English language properly? You can? Ah…I look surprised? Well, I am.

You must have been pressed for time then. Were you racing through the instructions? Really?! You had all the time in the world?

It must be then, that you are simply unable to follow instructions. Why else would you design a website URL for sexual offenders, when the instructions clearly state people in the field of psychiatry?! ??


  1. Hectic!! Short and sweet, interesting! Did this site look up sexual offenders??

  2. LOL, no its not. The site lists therapists...psychiatry. The URL recevied alot of attention, dependant on one's interpretation of it:

    Therapist finder...
    The rapist finder...

    I guess my point is more so that a persons ability to follow instructions also has alot to do with the way in which someone interprets instructions - resulting in a product that is either correct or incorrect, depending on ones point of view.