Friday, March 12, 2010

Fish falling from the sky

Fish falling from the sky? Really?

You would think not but in fact fish have been reported as falling from the sky on more than one occasion. Over the years, fish of all shapes and sizes have catapulted their way down to earth from the heavens.

Falling fish seem to be the result of severe storms and tornadoes, although this has yet to be proven. It is said that strong winds pick up the fish and the fish are subsequently carried, sometimes kilometers from where they were originally picked up, overland to where they become the surprising result of fish falling from the sky.

But don’t hold your breath because this intriguing occurrence is not limited to fish. It encompasses a wide range of weird things, those including frogs and toads, squids, worms, periwinkles and hermit crabs, lizards and birds. Alligators too, although you would have to live in America’s deep South to experience this kind of rainfall.

My personal favourite took place in Naphlion, Greece, in 1981 where residents of this small town woke up to find small green frogs falling from the sky. Not particularly different to most bizarre rain experiences, what sets this story aside from the rest is that the frogs falling in Greece were native to North Africa.

The question yet to be answered, or perhaps proven, is how these animals found themselves falling from the sky. Is this paranormal experience one that can be factually defined? This, of course, is open to interpretation. What may come in handy is to consider what you would do if you found yourself amidst a reptile rain encounter. Perhaps think twice before you define the next shower you find yourself in as ‘raining cats and dogs’. You just might get what you wish for.


  1. Good angle, it is so interesting that stuff like this actually happens! I like how you brought in some research about the topic!

  2. I love your bloggin style. Your internet voice is awesome!

  3. I agree! I really love your internet voice - I really like hearing your opinion on matters and how you express facts in your writing style. Again, well done!