Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We are what we do

They cook to eat, to sustain themselves.
You cook with passion, to experience flavours and savour the tastes of the world.
You are a chef.

They run to maintain their fitness levels, to watch their weight.
You run to feel the road beneath your feet, to feel the hard-earned sweat on your back.
You are an athlete.

They dress in what society tells them.
You dress to express yourself, to show appreciation of colour and textures.
You are a stylist.

They sing under their breath, to pass the time.
You sing at the top of your lungs because you feel the music, you believe the words.
You are a vocalist.

They seek medical advice at the sight of a scratch.
You hug tears away because you know the healing power of support.
You are a doctor.

They drive to travel from destination ‘A’ to destination ‘B’.
You drive for the wind in your hair, darting from lane to lane, tunes playing.
You are a rally driver.

They plod along, disinterested.
You walk with purpose; your eyes open to new things, different things; the world around you.
You are an explorer.

They are restricted by mental barriers and the pressures of others.
You let your mind flow freely into space; it’s where the best ideas come from.
You are an astronaut.

They are what others tell them to be.
You are what you do, what ever you want to be.
I am a product of myself.


  1. Amazing! Did I say, amazing?! Loved your take - and the style was so different. I felt like I was at a poetry reading! Well done Kerry! Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Amazing! Did I say, amazing?! :-D Wanika's right, wow that was absolutely lovely.

  3. Brilliant!! Very passionate and creative, I thoroughly enjoyed it!