Tuesday, March 2, 2010

FIFA fever Cape Town

It’s here and it’s pumping. It’s pulsing through the heart of every Capetonian, every South African. From Gugulethu to Kommetjie, from Somerset West to Cape Town city centre, it’s here people, it is here! FIFA fever is rushing through the streets and it’s getting faster, it’s getting bigger, it’s getting stronger. It’s on the mind of everyone around the world today; 100 days to go… 2010.

The time for famous Cape Town cynicism is over. The FIFA World Cup is upon us no matter your view of the supposed outcome. With an airport upgrade, a renovated Cape Town station, the introduction of the Integrated Rapid Transit Station, if you’re not in it for the soccer, you can at least support how it has developed and improved our city, our country.

Throw away your ‘what if’s’, set aside your doubts. Leave behind your negativity, your sarcasm and uncertainties. Grab a Vuvuzela, put on your Makaraba. The 68 000-seat Cape Town stadium is calling your name. It’s here and Cape Town is ready. We are united and we are welcoming.

Photograph by Alistair Fyfe


  1. I feel very inspired after reading your post! Your style was so inviting and motivational and I hope more people read this post so that they too can share your enthusiasm. Your writing made me want to continue reading - perhaps this post could have been a bit longer with more reasons to be excited about 2010?

  2. I'm very keen for 2010 now after reading this. Sometimes we forget all the good things that have happened. I agree with Wan, your motivation is inspiring!

  3. They should print that in the newspaper, it'll lift the heart of every South African and evoke that patriotic feeling amoung people. So inspiring.