Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I once met a boy; blonde, blue eyed and tall and a complete nerd if ever there were.
Perturbed he was not by this branding of term for he saw not the insult, to be sure.

To tag him as such…Mixed Martial Arts, LAN’S and stuff, studying BSc Honours in Computer Science at UCT.
If that’s not enough add this to the cut; Senior National Federation colours in gaming, DOTA PC.

He’s Pro DOTA he’ll tell you, as proud as can be as though this sets him ahead of the rest.
It’s his arrogance that annoys you, the complete irritation that perhaps in fact, he really is the best.

You’ll think to yourself; oh big deal, it’s sad he considers that cool.
But ultimately the joke is on you, in a new age digital world you’re the fool.

Then this little bug who you’re attempting to squash will ask what it is that makes you Pro.
What will kill you the most is the fact that, well, sadly you don’t even know.

It’s this nerd, comfortable with himself, who makes sense of the world and soon will have you reflecting.
And it’s him one day, at the end of the road, who has the world at his feet just waiting…
For anything he might pass our way; technological advancements the core of this story,
we are his pets, his puppets, while he sits and reaps the world’s glory.


  1. Really intersting topic, I enjoyed reading it and thought you had a good angle for this.

  2. I really loved your inspiration for this topic and the entry actually read like poetry. I'm not sure if you were going for that style but I really liked it - it was very creative and expressive.

  3. What a creative piece of writing! I love you ability to describe everything so well that my imagination just chew up your words and grows the size of an oak tree!