Sunday, February 14, 2010

Designer PR

Every now and again you come across something truly mystifying; something that gets your heart racing wildly, air passages closing, palms sweating…and a huge stretch of pearly whites spreading from ear to ear. The experience is fanatical, allowing you to look within yourself, tickling the dark corners of your soul left dead and decrepit from so much of ‘the same’ flung out by advertisers, marketers and public relations professionals.

But what is this thing that has your tongue tied, your emotions wild and your head spiraling? What grips hold of you and has you gravitating in this way?

The answer is passion and also, experience. It is different for everyone, with each person moved by something all their own. Public Relations is about an experience. It is about a feeling, a relationship built and developed through hard work and new, original and dynamic business ideas. To break away from the ordinary, we can no longer be satisfied with ‘out-of-the-box’ public relations strategies as these ideas are already exhausted and out-dated.

Passion and design is what is essential to survive and thrive in the current economic climate felt so severely around the world. It is relevant in every area of business and particularly in Public Relations. Same old same old is no longer enough and what is to come from a challenging environment can only include new passions, new experiences, all of new design yet drawn from raw and basic human emotion and experience. Put yourself in your work. Public Relations is out, Designer Public Relations is now essential.

The lambs knew that merely resting would get them little attention. A strategic seating arrangement on the other hand...


  1. I like the style that you wrote this in, very good and creative. Your first paragraph really captured me!

  2. I really loved your angle on this one Kerry. I agree with Steph that your first paragraph was really attractive and capturing and you kept this up through your whole argument. Well done!