Friday, February 19, 2010

Two people walk out of a building and into a story

You walk down a narrow passage; cream walls and grotesque grey-beige carpeting. The place is completely dull. Your mood suits; exhausted and washed out. Head for the unwelcoming grey shaft that is the lift, the metal contraption that is to, rattling heavily, relocate you from floor seventeen to ground level.

Some contrast here; old red carpeting now a faded orange, mirrored walls, linoleum clad floors and ceiling. Edgy lighting. Doors close - made it. Doors falter, rethinking their choice, then open widely to allow another traveler safe passage to the building entrance. A slight nod to the newcomer, a failed greeting attempt on your part as an awkward silence settles from your side.

‘Truly detest this place’, your new accomplice mutters. ‘Are you a resident or just visiting for the experience that is our much loved building?’
You shrug in response, not making eye contact. You’ve lived here for two years.
‘Myself, I’ve been here four years. Not too bad I guess, roof over my head and all. See the paper this morning? Cricket scores are looking good. I think South Africa are going to give us a win for the weekend. You smile politely in response. You hate cricket. You hate sports. You hate everything.

'Got a minute to grab some coffee before work, thank the heavens. Great little place around the corner from here called Nania’s. If you get there, ask for Nancy, she makes her coffee with love. Serves great biscotti alongside it too. Caffeine sets me up for the day, you know how it is’. Hasty wink. ‘Oh well, grueling Monday here we come’. Smiles all round.


‘Well, it’s been nice meeting you. Have a good day.’ A barely uttered ‘sure’ in reply as the now free passenger makes his way to the door.
Look around you; the same cream and beige as before. Cobalt blue boxes to the left; best check for post.

The revolving entrance slows to allow you out. You squint at the sunlight outside, miserable at the thought of having left your sunglasses behind. You step through the doors, one foot hitting the hard concrete sidewalk of town. Another day, another dollar.

Two people walk out of a building and into a story. That story is life; consider carefully how you choose to live yours.


  1. Awesome descriptive writing Kerry! Really loved how you described the imagery around the people - it really brought the reader into the 'story'.

  2. Really good writting Kez! I loved how it was so descriptive, I felt like I was one of the people in the lift!

  3. Aaaah! I love it! People are so like that, we wake up, engage in seemingly useless banter and go out, do our jobs, go home, eat sleep and then do it all again the next day. Well described!