Sunday, February 14, 2010

L33t 5pk

In alleviating his discomfort, the old wise owl expelled gas; burping out the letters of the alphabet no longer recognised by today's youth...

What’s that you just said? LOL? Oh sorry, did you mean LOL or ROFL? Nope, still wrong aren’t I? It’s actually ROFLMAO. 00p5!

How could I not know what ROFLMAO meant? Well gee, sorry that I can still string a sentence together. What’s that? Chips on my shoulder? Uhr, nope sorry can’t say that I do. Heaven forbid I develop an inferiority 5ynth complex because I take the time to spell my words out correctly. Oh gee, I can’t be accepted by the online community then? 0(_)cH!

Stupid me for being ignorant to a ‘worldwide revolution’ of texting that is overwriting and fast replacing the English language. Yes, I do see the point of it online. It is the spilling over of l33t speak into everyday usage that is worrying. Guess my skillz are juz not so UTS. Thanks for the heads up – I’ll make sure not to fall behind.
W0(_)ldn’7 that be 4 d!sa*?


  1. LOL ;) No, this is very good Kerry, I thought it was really well structured and like the way you spoke your mind. Well done!

  2. Kerry - one of the best blogs I've read today! I love your take on it and your angle. It's so true what you say and I loved how you were able to incorporate the sms speak into your language and actually still make sense!

  3. I have to agree with you on the Leet Speak thing, its confusing and a little annoying! But then again I'm a noob so what do I know? LOL :-/