Saturday, February 20, 2010

Social bubble wrap

Out and about, the queen bee felt fabulously accepted; It mattered little that she was paying by the hour for her crowd of socialites.

Have you ever stopped to consider what it is you are doing in life and why? Along with most South African’s currently feeling the financial pinch, I find myself wondering about what it is we need, want and wish for…and who it is that determines, defines and scrutinizes these points of our very existence. More importantly, have we lost sight of what is in fact needed and what is not?

What percentage of a person’s life is spent pursuing items of wealth and at what point do we become driven by brands and belongings? We work, to earn, to acquire. ‘I must have’, ‘I can’t do without’, ‘I’m only socially acceptable if I own’ are small-minded insights into what a person is really made of. Perhaps these questions form the thin protective barrier between what is safety in numbers in society and what is individually recognizable. What an interesting day the world would make if we all stood, naked for a day, represented by only what we are and not by what we have.

Stuff. Societies bubble wrap. Let’s overcome our expensive bias, classifying wealth as our ultimate goal. There is more to life, it’s just harder to identify when not having it slung at us from all angles of what is 'social acceptance' designed by the marketing powers that be.


  1. So true Kez, it's amazing how society and media make us feel - what we should have, be doing or how we should live. Really well written, I like the way you structured it. Short, sweet and to the point.

  2. I totally agree with what you are saying. People are brain washed by other people simply trying to live out their twarted dreams. The people selling stuff are the ones doing the brainwashing with all the Photoshop and 'creating a need' where there wasn't one before.

    Short blog but definitely food for thought!

  3. I definitely agree with you here Kerry. Short sweet and to the point is the perfect recipe for a good argument and I like your choice of topic. It's very relevant to the world we find ourselves in today.