Wednesday, February 24, 2010

If I were the boss...

I recently read an incredibly interesting take on our choices in life and who it is in the world that monitors and subsequently 'allows' these decisions. It is a concept taken from an all together fantastic read, the Cluetrain Manifesto, based on the idea of what we do and who it is that provides us with the necessary ‘permission’ to participate in these new areas of life.

Christopher Locke was once asked who it was that gave him permission to read a selection of books he had just bought. A simple question put forth, stating quite frankly what Locke believes is assumed by so many; ‘that official authorization is required to learn new things’. It was this question that brought on his deliverance of self ‘blanket permission: to be curious, to learn, to speak, to write’.

Locke went above the assumed ‘required authorization’ and provided himself with exactly what so many of us wait for; senior ranking consent. If I were the boss…well, that’s just it. I am the boss. I am the boss of myself, my life and all that surrounds me and I too give myself ‘blanket permission: to be curious, to learn, to speak, to write’, ‘to be human’, fearless and alive.


  1. I really like the angle that you chose, I wouldn't have thought of it this way! You're right, we are simply the boss of ourselves. Really well written!

  2. I agree and liked that you used outside research, being the Cluetrain Manifesto, as your reference point. A good, structured argument.

  3. Very motivational piece. Awesome!